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Traffic Modelling

31st March 2009, The Open University, Milton Keynes

The Statistics Group at the The Open University hosted a one-day conference on traffic modelling. The aim of the conference was to bring together researchers of different disciplines interested in the field. Current research on various aspects of traffic modelling was presented, including the problems of modelling traffic flows, networks and journey times.


The slides of the talks presented at the conference are now available by clicking on the title of each talk.

Dr Haibo Chen (Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds)
Use of Neural Networks in Traffic and Environment Modelling – Example Studies [ Abstract ]

Dr Malcolm Farrow (School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Newcastle)
Stochastic models and diagnostic plots for road traffic vehicle headways [Abstract]

Dr Richard Gibbens (Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge)
Data, modelling and inference in road traffic networks [Abstract]

Prof Jeff Johnson (Dept of Design, Development, Environment and Materials, The Open University)
Complexity Science and Transport Systems [ Abstract]

Dr Lyudmila Mihavlova (Department of Communication Systems, Lancaster University)
Vehicular Traffic Modeling and Traffic Flow Estimation with Particle Filtering Methods [ Abstract]

Dr Catriona Queen (Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, The Open University)
A graphical dynamic approach to forecasting road traffic flow networks[Abstract]

Dr Joan Serras (Dept of Design, Development, Environment and Materials, The Open University)
Modelling very large Transport Systems [Abstract]

Prof David Watling (Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds)
Statistical inference for traffic network models [Abstract]

Dr Eddie Wilson (Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol)
Differential Equation Models for Forecasting Highway Traffic Flow [Abstract]

Organising committee

Catriona Queen, Casper Albers, Sarah Frain, Sara Griffin and Joan Serras.