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Technical Reports


15/04 Geometry of Goodness-of-Fit Testing in High Dimensional Low Sample Size Modelling
Paul Marriott, Radka Sabolova, Germain Van Bever, and Frank Critchley

15/03 Explicit minimisation of a convex quadratic under a general quadratic constraint
Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley, John C. Gower

15/02 Spline-based self-controlled case series method
Yonas Ghebremichael-Weldeselassie,, Heather J. Whitaker, C. Paddy Farrington

15/01 Taylor’s power law and the statistical modelling of infectious disease data
Doyo Gragn Enki, Angela Noufaily, Paddy Farrington, Paul Garthwaite, Nick Andrews, Andre Charlett