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Angela Noufaily
Post:Visting Fellow
Department:Mathematics And Statistics
E-Mail:Angela.Noufaily @
Fax:01908 652140

  • Generalised linear models (GLMs): I have done research on this topic, in particular ANOVA and ANCOVA, during my BSc. At the moment, I continue to work with GLMs while exploring the regression-based Farrington method for outbreak detection of infectious diseases. We aim to extend this approach and introduce new methods for outbreak detection.
  • Quantile regression and distributions: I explored the generalised gamma distribution deeply in my PhD thesis regarding maximum likelihood estimation. We looked at its different reparametrisations and analysed its asymptotic properties. Inspired by the generalised gamma, we developed a new distribution with interesting properties. We put the generalised gamma distribution in a quantile regression context while passing through all different stages of parametric modelling from model estimation, to model selection, to developing a goodness of fit test. We reviewed quantile regression methods, implemented a parametric approach using the generalised gamma and plotted quantiles for reference charts.


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