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Karen Vines
Post:Senior Lecturer in Statistics
Department:Mathematics And Statistics
E-Mail:Karen.Vines @
Fax:01908 652140

  • The production of simple, interpretable results from standard multivariate techniques such as Principal Components Analysis. Working from the starting point that simple solutions are those that can be represented by low valued integers, I have developed a new approach which has proved to have significant advantages in practice.  
  • Multivariate analysis more generally, particularly those techniques that make use of the eigenvector/value decomposition.  
  • Influences on the decline of infant mortality in England and Wales between 1871 and 1948. Collaboration with Dr Peter Razzell and Professor Michael Drake, Faculty of Social Science, The Open University.  
  • Bayesian analysis of case-control studies using MCMC techniques (or anything else that will work!).

  • Part of the course team for the OU course BM240 Quantitative Methods in Business.
  • Part of the course team for the OU course M249 Practical Modern Statistics


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